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Tormented Souls is a fixed-camera survival horror indie game that pays tribute to classics like Resident evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark. The main feature of our game is challenging puzzles in a dark and menacing environment. Exploration, Backtracking, limited saves, limited resourses, weapons and combat is also a part of Tormented Soul's main course as our protagonists will have to discover the ominous past of the Wildberger Mansion, with the final purpose of learning her own lost identity.

Waking up...

A dark and grimy tub, damaged and cold machines and an invading smell of death. This is the environment that welcomes you after waking up from a dream of wich, you remember nothing. A misterious clue let's you open the door, and what you thought was a simple bathroom, is actually and gargantuan hospital. Venture into Hospital Wildberger, gather clues and arrange the dark history that surrounds this misterious place...

Our heroine

Caroline Walker searchs 2 lost sisters in a mansion, but she is put to sleep by an unknown person, after a period of 7 days she wakes up in pain, coneccted to cables and breathing machines, submerged in the putrid liquid of an old tub. As she slowly sits up, Caroline discovers that her memory is completely lost.
Our protagonist will encounter ominous dangers that hide in the shadows of the Wildberger Mansion as she tries to elucidate who she is, and what is her role in the macabre events that took place there. But, luckily for Caroline, she will receive help by a peculiar local priest devoted to helping people to find the way to heaven, a looming danger will be a mad doctor obsessed about the souls of the dead and witchcraft, an evil mind that experimented with innocent people for his own twisted desires, giving birth to monsters that roam the mansion.

The locations

Hospital Wilderbger, a dark place resembling an old mansion hidden in Winterlake, a distant fishing village.
An abandoned german bunker dating from soon after the end of WWII

The time travel

During her exploration, Caroline finds a weird machine wich once is activated it sends her back to a past where she isn't damaged and everything looks better than before. During these travels she will have to alter the past and move instruments around, opening doors and solving puzzles in the present, allowing her to keep going forward

The setting

Winterlake, a small fishing village that is always in mist and cold. In the old times used to hold a secret group of wizards called "The Sea Blessing", whose members were sent to the trials under accusation of murder. Altho the veredict was one of innocence, the group dissapeared leaving behind some stones with magic.
The decades pass and Winterlake goes back to it's monotone lifestyle of fishing, until a massive fire destroys the only hospital of the town. A kind doctor in his infinite altruism donates his mansion to replace it, and all the patients are sent there. Then, dark incidents starts happening around the mansion, dead animals and horror stories from the patients of the hell that is Wilderbger Mansion. Soon after, the hospital closes due to the lack of patients, and a few days later, 2 twins from a neighboring rural school dissapear without leaving a trace. After a failed investigation, the town goes back to it's usual lifestyle, that is, until 2 more people decide to join in the search...

The Characters

The heroine, Caroline Walker

Religious during her childhood but a cruel event forced her to question everything at a young age. After continous fights with her mother, she traveled to Chiloé, to complete her education in pedagogy and started working there as a teacher in a small and humble school and she didn't took long to get fond of the kids studying there. Energetic, stubborn and a believer of pure logic, this woman has a wild and powerful imagination.

The madman, Williams Wildberger

Born in the small village that his grandfather, a post-war germany inmigrant, founded 57 years ago, Winter Lake. A lonely childhood, as his cold father blamed the death of his wife on Williams's birth and was denied any affect or love from the house serfage. In desperates attempts to get his father love, Williams learned how to read at 4 and at age 9 he had already memorized the whole Wilderberg's library, consisting of books of both ancient and modern medicine, attempt that was ignored. In a 2nd attempt, at age 11, he presented his fater an essay about a syndrome of erratic behaviour, and needless to say, the fater was unsettled, not only because the kid made an essay that defied his authority in medicine, but also because it was completely correct. This incident sent William to an internate where he met the only person that was able to understand his emotions, the love of his life, only going back to his father during his last moments, where he inherited the ownership of the Wilderberg Mansion.


Tormented Souls is Dual Effect Games(an indie videogame company located in the city of Quilpue, Chile) first project.

Our Begginings...

This indie project started with the naive dream of 2 twin brothers (Gabriel and German Araneda) of developing a videogame, fueled only by the love to the medium and without any previous knowledge game making, inspired by classic horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. After the great reception that the title Tormented Souls has gotten in different chilean game dev communities, in 2019 we won a chilean fund of audiovisual promotion, with that we managed to expand our team and finish our first prototype.

From now onwards...

Today, we are soon to start a new stage the development of our indie project, thanks to new help from the government that allow us to enlarge our team even more, thus giving us the chance to develop a game of superior quality that can be of the liking of players, game that will we released for PC and consoles.


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