Tormented Souls is a fixed-camera survival horror indie game that pays homage to classics like Resident evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark. The main feature of our game is challenging puzzles in a dark and menacing environment. Exploration is also a part of Tormented Soul's main course as our protagonists will have to discover the ominous past of the Wildberger Mansion, with the final purpose of learning her own lost identity.

Waking up...

A dark and grimy tub, damaged and cold machines and an invading smell of death. This is the environment that welcomes you after waking up from a dream of wich, you remember nothing. A misterious clue let's you open the door, and what you thought was a simple bathroom, is actually and gargantuan hospital. Venture into Hospital Wildberger, gather clues and arrange the dark history that surrounds this misterious place...

Our heroine

Caroline Walker searchs 2 lost sisters in a mansion, but she is put to sleep by an unknown person, after a period of 7 days she wakes up in pain, coneccted to cables and breathing machines, submerged in the putrid liquid of an old tub. As she slowly sits up, Caroline discovers that her memory is completely lost. Our protagonist will encounter ominous dangers that hide in the shadows of the Wildberger Mansion as she tries to elucidate who she is, and what is her role in the macabre events that took place there. But, luckily for Caroline, she will receive help by a peculiar priest obsessed to help souls find the path to the heaven. But also, a looming danger will be a doctor obsessed about the souls of the dead and witchcraft, an evil mind that experimented with innocent people for his own twisted desires, giving birth to monsters that roam the mansion.

VIDEOS (Prototype)



This indie project started from naive dream of 2 twin brothers (Gabriel and German Araneda) of developing a videogame,
fueled only by the love to the medium and without any previous knowledge game making, inspired by classic horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
After the great reception that the title Tormented Souls has gotten in different chilean game dev communities,
in 2019 we won a chilean fund of audiovisual promotion, with that we managed to expand our team and finish our first prototype.


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This project was funded
with the fund of audiovisual
2019 announcement
Region of Valparaíso